Siri Voice Recognition Post

I am doing this post using Siri for my voice recognition. This post was written entirely using Siri from my iPhone 6+. I have a lot of good ideas for this blog, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get them onto the blog. Voice recognition is a good alternative to using the keyboard. I should be able to talk about my views on economics, politics, sports and any other topic that comes up.

The nice thing about voice recognition is I can put a lot of words on the post. I can always go back later and edit. Using this method will allow me to get my thoughts down first and then edit later. I think the real trick will be to just go with whatever comes out of the voice recognition. And being sure to edit later.

I have edited this post as I went along. It is probably not the best workflow, but I am able to get what I wanted out of it.

Voice Recognition Post

I am going to try to write this using only my voice recognition. We will see how good Google Voice does at recognizing my voice and adding the text to this post. I have never tried this before but I expect it to work very well. Just by doing the post as it goes by I am missing pretty good recognition.

I’m doing this post on my Nexus 7 tablet just to see how it works. I will try to do a comfortable post with my iPhone 6 Plus. I am also doing this post without using the microphone just talking directly to the tablet.

Blog Reboot #23

I haven’t written anything in over a year. I guess if I am going to keep this blog, I should start over again. I think it’s time for a new topic. First, I am going to do all my writing on a mobile device, either my iPhone 6 Plus or a Nexus 7 Tablet.

I’m also planning on covering a broader range of issues. I may get political, I may talk tech. I might even reach into economics.

My goal is to publish at least once a week. More if the mood strikes me.

It’s The Weekend

It is Father’s Day weekend and a pretty big deal. Obviously it is as day we honor our Dads. For Golfers it is US Open Weekend. But if you are the Dad of a soccer player in Michigan, it is tryout weekend. I will be spending the weekend watching my daughter play the sport she loves in front of Coaches who will decide if she is good enough to be on the team.

Tryouts are stressful this year, because my daughter will be changing clubs and if all goes well, to a club that is very close to home and convenient for getting her to and from practice. As a former team sport athlete, I appreciate what my little girl is going through and understand the life lessons she will learn that will help her later on. I am very proud of the Student and Athlete she has become and I couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day present than watching her be successful at something she loves.

Coming Back to Blogging

I have let this blog sit idle for a while. It has a lot to do with not having much time to write. It also has a lot to do with not wanting to sit at a computer any more than I have to. I spend all of my day job at a computer and I am usually sick of the computer by the time I leave work. I am going to try to make some form of effort to post something at least once a week. I just have to figure out what exactly I want to do with these updates. I am thinking I want to go back to writing a bit on different subjects that interest me. I might write something about Sports, Politics, Computers and Training for endurance events.

I have a passing interest in the big sports (Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball). I really enjoy watching my now 12-year-old daughter compete in Soccer. I have an interest in Running, Cycling and Swimming since I have started doing triathlon about 3 years ago.

In terms of politics, I am what I would consider very conservative, which I understand my mere existence will offend some people. I would recommend skipping my blog if you are a liberal.

I have worked in the IT industry for 21 and have learned many things about computers including that I have much more to learn. What I intend to share here are the tidbits I pick up that might be useful or helpful to people who don’t work in IT.

Finally, I hope to journal my journey to my third Marathon and possibly my second attempt at a Half-Ironman distance triathlon. I hope to write about my training progress and the funny things that happen along the way.

Ultimately I like to have fun and try to be funny, sometimes I might succeed. I just hope that most people who read this, take everything I write with a grain of salt.

Blogging from the Blackberry

I just downloaded an application that will allow me to manage my blog from my phone. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. We will see as time goes on. I am sitting here at my daughter’s swim practice thinking how pathetic I am that I can’t keep up with the 8 year old girls. Well enough feeling sorry for myself, practice is almost over.

Starting 2010 Right

I was awakened by my pager at 7:15 on New Year’s Day. Fortunately I could do what I needed to do from home, However I really could not do anything else until the issue was resolved. At about 11:30 I received word that everything was clear and I could stand down. It was 23 degrees outside and a light snow was falling so what better thing could I do than go for a run. It is funny that running would not have occurred to me 18 months ago and running outside in 23 degree weather wouldn’t have been a consideration last winter. Yesterday I not only did it, but I enjoyed it.

The first step was gearing up. I put on a double layer of running tights, a long sleeved compression shirt, a long sleeved tech fabric shirt, a cycling windbreaker and a skull cap. The colors didn’t necessarily match but at this point warmth was more important.

I also did a first, I left my iPod at home. I only strapped on my Garmin and carried my Blackberry in case something happened at work again. I tried to plan my route based on safety because the roads were somewhat narrowed by the ice and snow on the shoulders I usually run on. I was nice because it was a very quiet day other than the few cars and the neighborhood dogs.

I did discover I really like running outside in the cold. I might even be willing to go 10 degrees colder. The only problem is that it takes every piece of clothing I have for cold weather. Which means I have to do laundry after every outdoor run. Then again, I work dark to dark this time of year so I don’t have time to run outside during the week anyway.

Happy New Year to everyone.

You can see the GPS Tracking of my run here.

2009 Summary

2009 was the first year I very carefully tracked virtually every workout. I was just reviewing my numbers for 2009 which are probably final because I doubt I will do anything New Year’s Eve. First the cycling. Overall I rode 1241 miles in about 69 hours. This was a mix of Stationary Bike at the Gym, Road Bike on the trainer and both Road and Mountain Bikes outdoors. I basically started running in October of 2008 with a goal of finishing Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2009 (more on that later). With my 6 mile run today, my running total for 2009 was 601 miles in about 107 hours. Not bad for a first full year running. Finally Swimming, which is my most difficult discipline. I swam 68.6 miles in 52 hours. My grand total volume for the year was 1911.71 in 228 hours.

I didn’t just train, I also competed in 5 races in 2009.

4/5/09 – Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon, Canton, MI Swim 17 Lengths (10 min) Bike 13.4 mi (30 min) Run 2.5 mi (20 min) T8 Overall 3rd Masters

6/7/09 – Racing For Recovery Sprint Triathlon 1:47:48 68th Overall 6th Clydesdale

9/5/09 – Run Like The Wind 10K 56:57 58th Overall 5th 40-44

10/18/09 – Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon 5:45:33 3612th Overall 428th 40-44

11/26/09 – Canton Turkey Trot 5k 28:06.4 156 Overall Exact Time Tie with my 10 Year Old Daughter, I didn’t do a race report on this one.

Overall, I am pleased with what I accomplished in 2009. More on the 2010 plans later.