Category: Geek

  • Moving Again

    I have now moved to Oracle Cloud, because Oracle has a free server available with 4 vCPUs and 24 GB of RAM. This makes the web server really fast. I am very happy with it.

  • New Server

    I have just moved this blog to a new Debian 10 Server on Google Cloud Platform. It is still their micro platform which should keep me in the free tier. I originally built this server to see if I could use the Google load balancer to simplify the server config and eliminate the managing the […]

  • One More Update

    I have added this site to Cloudflare with a free account. This allowed(required) me to move the DNS service to Cloudflare DSN and remove the Google DNS that Google charges a few cents a month for. It also add the benefit of caching this site for users not close to my server. So now on […]

  • Update to Hosting

    I have moved the blog to a single server hosted on Google Cloud Platform. I followed the instructions provided by Chris Titus Tech. This should get me to almost zero for hosting costs. Especially since I am the only one to visit this blog.

  • Technology Behind This Blog

    I just recently moved this blog from a Web Hosting company to the Google Cloud Platform. As of this writing, this blog is hosted on a Debian 9 Linux server with the back end database on Google Cloud SQL. If you are interested in the how and why of this, keep reading. I am paying […]

  • New Year, New Me

    Well, I guess it is time to reboot the blog again. I have been busy learning new skills, like the skills to set the blog up on the Google Cloud Platform. I am trying to do this at a much lower cost than my previous provider. I like that this is my own virtual server […]