Siri Voice Recognition Post

I am doing this post using Siri for my voice recognition. This post was written entirely using Siri from my iPhone 6+. I have a lot of good ideas for this blog, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get them onto the blog. Voice recognition is a good alternative to using the keyboard. I should be able to talk about my views on economics, politics, sports and any other topic that comes up.

The nice thing about voice recognition is I can put a lot of words on the post. I can always go back later and edit. Using this method will allow me to get my thoughts down first and then edit later. I think the real trick will be to just go with whatever comes out of the voice recognition. And being sure to edit later.

I have edited this post as I went along. It is probably not the best workflow, but I am able to get what I wanted out of it.