Here I Go Again

Time to start again. I just signed up to run the Monroe Half Marathon on November 10th.  I have just finished day 2 of my training plan.  I am starting the plan based on running around 12-15 miles per week and a weight of 244 pounds as of today.  I have 3 events between now and then.  On August 5th I will be riding in a 20k bicycle time trial, then 2 Sprint Triathlons at Island Lake on August 18th and September 5th.

On day 1 on my training plan, I ran from my house to a local track, ran a mile on the track and then came home.  I surprised myself by running the mile in a 7:14.  So I have 2 goals for the Half Marathon.  1. I intend to weigh less than 230 pounds the day I run and 2. my goal time is sub 2 hours.