Why Do I Have A Blog?

Why do I have a a blog? Is a very good question when I never actually write anything. When I started this blog seven years ago I had a lot to write about and the time to do it. Amazing how much changes in seven years. Seven years ago, I had just taken up Mountain Bike Racing and was contemplating racing in a 24 hour mountain bike race. I also liked to write about politics. Seven years later I’m doing more running than I ever imagined. I have 2 marathon finishes that I would have thought completely crazy seven years ago. My daughter has grown from a fun little kid to a very mature eighth grader. A lot of my time is devoted to getting her to and from practices and game. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it. It just doesn’t give me much time to keep up a blog.

I do actually have a couple of blog idols. My favorite is The Fat Cyclist . Fatty is usually quite humorous, an unbelievable fund raiser and fantastic storyteller. He is also close to my age so I can relate to him.

An extremely close second is Steve in a Speedo. Steve is a very fast runner, a really good triathlete and has a juvenile sense of humor (I mean that in a good way.) He is a new father and it is fun to watch his journey through fatherhood.

I want my blog to be similar to the two above. Funny and relatable are the two words that come to mind. In truth, as an athlete, I cannot relate to them at all. I am older, fatter and slower. Maybe that is the perspective I can add. The old slow guy who is trying to get faster.