Olympic Training Is On

Well I am almost 3 weeks into my Olympic Distance Triathlon Training and I actually feel like it is having some effect. My training week looks something like this. Monday is an easy paced run somewhere in the 3-5 mile range. Tuesday is a swim day. Wednesday is my speed work day for running. In my case, speed is a relative term. It is quite humorous to use speed and my running in the same sentence. Thursday is another swim day. Friday is my “long” run day. My training plan never puts me over an hour running before the race, but I am pushing that one a little. Saturday is my long bike day where I get up at dawn and ride for a couple hours. If life allows, I also try to squeeze in a bike ride after work mid-week.

I am seeing improvements in all areas. Swimming is feeling much more natural and I am more than confident that in a wetsuit, I can finish the Swim comfortably today. On the bike, I have finally done enough tweaking and have improved my conditioning enough that I can ride in the aerobars comfortably and my long ride is up to 40 miles. The biggest difference I am seeing in my running is that my heart rate is staying lower for long on my easy runs. I guess it is time to start pushing the pace a litte.