It’s The Weekend

It is Father’s Day weekend and a pretty big deal. Obviously it is as day we honor our Dads. For Golfers it is US Open Weekend. But if you are the Dad of a soccer player in Michigan, it is tryout weekend. I will be spending the weekend watching my daughter play the sport she loves in front of Coaches who will decide if she is good enough to be on the team.

Tryouts are stressful this year, because my daughter will be changing clubs and if all goes well, to a club that is very close to home and convenient for getting her to and from practice. As a former team sport athlete, I appreciate what my little girl is going through and understand the life lessons she will learn that will help her later on. I am very proud of the Student and Athlete she has become and I couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day present than watching her be successful at something she loves.

The Starting After Quitting Can Never Stop

It really has been 6 months since I have updated this blog. I think I was too embarrassed to write about not getting close to meeting my goals. I think my only goal for 2012 is going to be to get out of my running funk. I have lost a lot of my running fitness and working my way back up has been difficult. I’ve struggled with all the same things everyone else.

So to catch you up with 2012, I have only raced once this year. The Spring Island Lake Sprint Triathlon was my slowest of 4 attempts at this event. My swim time has been better, but both the bike and run has gotten slower. It is time to get back to work and I think I need to blog more to help keep myself motivated. I can commit here to trying the Olympic Distance at the Summer Island Lake Triathlon. I have a 6 week training plan for someone who expects to be in the 3-4 hour range. Once I get through that, I hope to leverage that base of fitness to improve my run and bike.