Summary of the Week in Training

I have made it through another week of training. I ran 3 days and swam 2. Monday morning I went to Lifetime Fitness and ran 4 easy miles on the treadmill. For me that is setting the treadmill at 5.5 mph and 1% incline. Tuesday I swam 1200 meters on a morning I really did not feel like getting up. Wednesday I ran 4 miles with 2 one mile interval at 6.5 mph, I overslept so I did this run on the treadmill after work. On Thursday I slept in and took a rest day. On Friday I swam 1600 meters with a main set of 10 x 100 meters. Finally Saturday morning I ran 9 miles outside. I felt horrible during the run and couldn’t keep up much of a pace. Those were simply miles I put in to get them in.

My weight has been going up this week. I am sure it is mostly related how poorly I have eaten this week. The plan is to get back to eating better next week. The training week isn’t necessarily over. I may try to get some form of a bike ride in, either on the trainer or outside on the mountain bike.