2011 Summary

I did not have the best of years in 2011. I lost a lot of fitness at the end of 2010 and fought very hard to get some of it back. I ended 2011 still not as fit but at least making progress.


I competed in 6 races in 2011. I did 2 indoor triathlons, 2 sprint triathlons, a 10k and a 5k. All of the races were significantly worse than races in previous years. The lesson learned is that fitness is difficult to obtain and easy to lose.


I covered 1534.66 miles in training, 929.05 miles cycling, 546.09 miles running, and 54.96 miles swimming. This was about 100 miles short of what I did in 2010, which is about the distance of the Marathon and Half-Ironman I did in 2010.

My training in 2010 was a bit aimless because I wasn’t following a plan and didn’t have a hard goal for the training.