Time To Prepare For My A Race

Now that my silly season which consisted of a Half-Marathon, Sprint Triathlon, Half-Ironman, 5k, 10k and a Marathon is over. It is time to get to work on the most important race of the year. This will be a battle royale. On Thursday November 25th, I will be racing in the Canton Turkey Trot for a Cause against my toughest competitor yet, Stephanie Miller, my 11 year old daughter. What started in 2008 as a fun run where we both ran our first 5k together and continued in 2009 where we both ran faster and finished in a tie to the hundredth of a second, has now become a competition ever since Stephanie announced earlier this year that she would beat me Thanksgiving Day. Since trash talk and sarcasm are our family’s love language, I figure this is the perfect forum to get it started.

The Competitors

Steve Miller
Age: 44
Height: 6-2
Weight: 230ish
Experience: Started running in 2008 to train for the 2009 Detroit Free Press Marathon. First 5k was the 2008 Turkey Trot for a cause. Finished 2 Marathons (2009 Detroit Free Press, 2010 Grand Rapids). Finished a Half-Ironman Distance Triathlon (2010 Racing for Recover Half Ironman) and a Half Marathon (2010 Martian Half Marathon).
5k PR: 24:35 (2010 Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day 5k)

Stephanie Miller
Age: 11
Height: 5-5ish
Weight: 120ish
Experience: First 5k was the 2008 Turkey Trot for a Cause. Competed on the Achieve Charter Academy Cross Country Team as a 5th Grader. Finished 26th in the National Heritage Academy State Meet and was later in the week diagnosed with a Stress Fracture of the Femoral Neck. Currently plays Select Soccer for the Van Buren Wildcats F.C.
5k PR: 28:04 (2009 Turkey Trot for a Cause 5k)

The Match Up

The stats would appear to favor the older Miller, however there are a few things about the younger Miller that don’t appear in the stats. Stephanie has been training for Soccer since Late June. This training has included a lot of speed and agility work. She has only run 2 5k races in her life, however she has run a 2 mile race at 7:20 per mile pace with a Stress Fracture. This is about 10 seconds per mile faster than my fastest mile from my 5k PR Race. It is really going to boil down to pacing experience versus speed.

When she was 9, I was excited that Stephanie liked running and wondered how long it would be before she was faster than me. Little did I know, 2 years later, I would be wondering if I can keep up with her.