When the Doubts Creep In

Saturday was supposed to be my 3rd and final 3 hour run prior to the Grand Rapids Marathon. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I was about 5 miles into my run on Saturday when I came upon an unusually busy intersection. It was a 4 way stop that normally has at most 1 or 2 cars at any given time. On Saturday, there were lines of cars on all 4 sides. I was trying to exercise caution and make eye contact with each driver I would have to cross the path of. In fact I was paying so much attention to the cars, that I forgot to watch where my feet work going. I managed to land the inside of my foot on the asphalt and the outside on the concrete curb which was 2 or 3 inches lower than the asphalt. I felt my foot roll to the side and quickly hopped over on my right hopefully before I did any real damage. I kept running and I was feeling Ok. I plan my long runs so I can stop by my house every hour to pick up a fresh water bottle so I my my first stop and started out for stage 2. I was still feeling good, and trying to pick the pace up, but quickly, my legs started hurting like never before. My knees and calves were on fire. At about 10 miles, I was forced to walk, not because of heart rate, but because of the leg pain. I ran/walked the rest of the way home and by the time I got there, my legs were killing me. I laid down with my legs up for 15 minutes and then took a shower. Walking was a challenge the rest of the day. I went to bed with my legs hurting all over, but when I woke up the only thing that was hurting was my ankle. This made me feel better, in that everything had a root cause, but I didn’t get my last long run in.

This week I would normally do a group run on Tuesday and some Speed work on the treadmill Thursday, but the ankle is going to force me to change those plans. Today I did a swimming workout. Tomorrow depending on the ankle will either be the Group Run or Bike Trainer ride. Wednesday will be a Swim regardless and Thursday will either be Treadmill or Trainer depending. Hopefully everything will be back to normal for Saturday’s 13 miler.

All of this now has the self doubt creeping in. Can I really run 26.2 miles in less than 4.5 hours? I ran a 2:04 half marathon earlier this year on slower and shorter training runs. And I did not taper for the Half. I really have no reason to doubt, I should be able to trust my training and with the Marathon Nation execution plan I should be able to be right on target. Still the bad thoughts keep running through my head. I have more miles on my legs Year to Date than I ran all of last year. I just keep stressing about how will my body really respond at miles 16 and 20. I don’t want to repeat last year’s sufferfest. I want to keep running no matter how slowly. I won’t be able to answer those doubts until 10/17, then it will be a matter of face. I am nervous and excited at the same time.