2010 Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day 5k Race Report

My treat for myself on Father’s Day was to run a 5k in good weather by myself. I have run 3 other 5k races, 2 were Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots that I did with my daughter who for those 2 years I had to hold back for her to keep up. This year at the Turkey Trot assuming all goes well with her healing, I suspect we will be racing. With a stress fracture my 11 year old daughter ran a 14:45 2 mile cross country race. I suspect I will be hurting Thanksgiving Day. But this Father’s Day was a chance to see what I could do for a 5k.

I woke up about 5:00 am and started making the coffee and a peanut butter sandwich. At about 6:00 I woke up the Family so we could be ready to leave. It was about 15 minutes to get to the race, but I was concerned about parking because this was a big event and Plymouth does not have plentiful parking. I was not preregistered, but I had my form and check filled out beforehand, so check in went quickly. I went back to the car, put the timing chip on my shoe and race number on my race belt. We then went and watch the finish of the 1 mile race. Once the one mile race was over, the 5k would start about 10 minutes later. On the way to the 5k start I ran into my friend and fellow assistant coach of my daughter’s soccer team. We chatted a while while we were waiting for the start.

Chatting with my friend proved to be a big mistake as the first three quarters of a mile were spent weaving through traffic. We were seeded way too far back. That’s why a 9 year old girl beat me by 1 second. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The first mile, while busy, was right on the pace I wanted to run, and went by in 7:48. I was working and breathing hard, but there were only a little over 2 miles to go. The second mile had a slight downhill that was really nice to run on. Just a gradual downhill that you could let yourself go on, but not steep enough to hurt. Anyone from outside of Michigan would not have even noticed the elevation change. Mile 2 was done in 7:33. This was the holy crap moment for me. I was hoping to break 25 and realizing I had a real shot at breaking 24. I was beginning to feel the burn as they say. I was hurting but pushing through it. Mile 3 went by in 7:42 not a bad drop off from mile 2 and just that 0.1 to go. 1:01 later and I was finished. 24:05 on my Garmin and officially 24:35. A new PR for me, although my previous PR was the Run leg of a Sprint Triathlon. I have improved my vDot from 34 to 40 in about 9 months and I am very pleased with that progress.

The event was very fun and there were over 900 people in the 5k. It was really cool to see Dad’s running with their kids and hopefully I will be running with mine next year. And hopefully I don’t have to take her out near the finish line if she is going to ‘chick’ me.