What Really Matters

My 11 year old daughter is having surgery today. She has been so brave throughout the entire ordeal. She ran 2 miles in her Charter Academy State Cross Country meet with a stress fracture to her Femoral Neck. Today’s surgery was to repair the stress fracture. This was done by inserting 2 screws into the femur toward the ball joint. She is now resting comfortably in her room. She will stay overnight and go home tomorrow. She will be on crutches for the next 4 weeks and then 4 weeks of walking before she can participate in sports. It is just amazing to me how quick her recovery will be. I am betting our biggest challenge will be slowing her down enough to keep her from getting another overuse injury.

Stephanie inspires me because she has been such a good sport about everything involved in the process. She has been on crutches ever since the diagnosis was made and has not complained one bit. She ran to 26th place in the State Meet is spite of running on essentially a broken leg. It is the kind of heart and courage I aspire to have.

On the training/racing front, I am racing this coming Saturday in the Island Lake Sprint Triathlon. This is really a training race/rehearsal for the Racing for Recovery Half Ironman on June 6th. My goal for the sprint Triathlon is to run a PR for the 5k. My only previous timed 5ks have been ones I ran with Stephanie before she could beat me. If I can make the PR, it means I did everything else right. I didn’t burn myself up on the swim or bike.