My Worst Run Ever

I had no reason to suspect that my long run yesterday would be bad. After all, the weather was nice, low 50’s and mostly cloudy. I was able to run in Shorts and a Short Sleeve Shirt. The time of day was a bit unusual for me, because I mostly run in the morning, so a 5:00 pm start was a bit late. I was also about an hour after a fairly heavy meal. But I needed to get my 2:30 run in to stay on plan, so out the door I went. Where I run is a largely suburban/rural area and on my route, there were very few places (meaning restrooms) to stop. But after about a mile and a half, I could feel the rumblings. This was not gonna be good. Fortunately, as luck would have it a porta-potty was accessible on a construction site about 2.5 miles in. Whew, that was good for some relief but a mile later, the rumblings were back. I knew I had about a mile to a gas station that I hoped had a public restroom. I arrived at the gas station and found the restroom there. Based on what I left behind, I figured I would finish my run without issue, but 2 more miles down the road the rumblings were back. Fortunately I was running past Summit on the Park in Canton, MI in another mile. A dash to the bathroom there and I was better, but still feeling funky. A little over 4 miles left to get home and I should be jumping from Long Run Pace to Marathon Pace in about a mile. I tried to jump the pace, but it just made the stomach hurt more. I was considering calling my wife to come pick me up, but I decided I needed to suffer a bit to see how much I could tough out. Just past mile 10, I stepped down from a curb to cross a side street when I tripped and fell. I was about to use my arms to break my fall when I remember the skills I had from other sports and rolled with the fall. I escaped without anything serious, just a scrape on the left knee and right elbow. My right wrist is still a little sore, but nothing serious.

12 Miles and 2:19 later I walked into the house glad that misery was over. I did learn a valuable lesson. That being waiting at least two hours after a heavy meal before doing anything like the run I did. I did pass 700 workout miles(swim/bike/run) with that run and I think I am well on my way to getting 2000 done this year. Tonight is my next to last Indoor Soccer game or as I like to think of it, my Interval Training.