2010 Martian Half Marathon Race Report

Today I ran the first half marathon of my life. Most normal people would run a half marathon before they run a full, but I did not do that. I guess I have to blame my midlife crisis. I ran the Martian Half Marathon in a PR of 2:04:35. I have to give some credit to Coach Patrick at Marathon Nation. Marathon Nation has a pacing guide for executing a successful Marathon at a pace that is determined based on training and previous race efforts. Coach Patrick modified the Marathon guide for a Half Marathon and I used that today and was actually able to improve on the predetermined pace that would have put me at 2:07:12.

The run started at Ford Field in Dearborn (not the Ford Field where the Detroit Lions play). The first 3 miles took us through the streets of Dearborn to get us to Hines Park. Hines Park is a beautiful place to run. It is a 2 lane road with wide shoulders in the middle of lush green trees and open space with playscapes and picnic areas. Miles 3 through 10 were in Hines Park and went by very quickly. The last 3 miles were on a bike path through the woods and were quite fun. Because of the execution plan I was on, hit mile 10 with enough energy to race the last 3 miles and actually ran the last 3 miles in 28:27 which is only 30 seconds off my best 5k.

Now it is back to the training plan. Tomorrow calls for an hour of swimming and 3 on the bike.

2 thoughts on “2010 Martian Half Marathon Race Report

  1. Congrats!!! I take zero credit for your training and your ability to execute. Being able to run the last 5k like that is outstanding. I hope you are as proud of that as you are of the overall PR. Well done!


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