The Journey Begins

Tomorrow is actually the first scheduled workout in my training plan for the Racing for Recovery Half Ironman Triathlon. I am intending to work on this using a training plan from Gale Bernardt’s book “Training Plans for Multisport Athletes”. I will be using a plan called 13-weeks to an Ironman on 13 hours per week. You might ask why I am doing an Ironman training plan when I am only intending to do a Half Ironman Race? The reason is because the training plan is based on time, and I am slow enough that I don’t feel I would have sufficient mileage volume on a Half-Ironman plan.

So my baseline is this. My weight today is 230 pounds. I had been executing a training plan for a Half-Marathon since January, so I had my long run up to 11 miles and was running 5-6 miles on my weekday runs. I was also swimming 1600-2000m per session. I have slacked off on the bike, but I expect that to come back quickly. My long run for next sunday is scheduled for 90 minutes, which should be around 9 miles.

I have 2 training races planned prior to the 6/6 Triathlon. On April 18, I will be running in the Martian Half Marathon and on May 29, I will be competing in the Island Lake Sprint Triathlon. The Sprint triathlon will be a rehearsal for the Half Ironman a week later.