February 2010 In Review

March first is here and I have to say I had a very successful February. For the first time in my life I ran 100 miles in a single month. I had to do 11.49 on the last day of the month, but I managed to pull it off. I also had a very successful Indoor Triathlon. I had a first overall on the bike. I improved my run pace by 15 seconds per mile and went 25m farther in the swim.

Looking forward, my next event is the Martian Half-Marathon on April 10. I’m looking forward to this one, even though it is really just a training run for me. It is 8 weeks out from my Half-Ironman and I figure a good showing here will set me up well for the HIM. My objective for the Half Marathon is 2:10, or 10 minute per mile pace. My stretch objective is to break 2 hours. That would set me up really well for a sub 7 hour HIM.

Hopefully March will bring a warm up that will let me get the bike outside. I have spent so much time on my running that I am a little behind the curve on the bike. My rear can only take about an hour on the trainer. I have to fix that quickly. The good news is that my run fitness seems to carry over well on the bike.