Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2010 Race Report

I just got home from the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. This was a race based on time, 10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes on the spin bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill. I went off in the first wave at 7:00 am. While we were waiting around, I started sizing up the competition. I really couldn’t tell how I compared. That was until the Club Manager came up and started talking to the woman next to me. As I eavesdropped on the conversation, I discovered she had finished Ironman Wisconsin and in planning on doing Ironman Arizona this year. This immediately put my self doubt in high gear. Sooner than I can remember, we were in the pool.

Ironwoman was in the lane next to me and I was sharing a lane with a guy with a full beard that looked like it would create as much drag as my spare tire. We started. Ironwoman quickly disappeared and Bearded guy disappeared as well. I was quickly on my own and settled into what I would call a comfortably hard pace. Just focused on breathing and efficient strokes. Ten minutes later it was over. I hit the wall just as they blew the finish whistle. 18 lengths was a new PR for me. I looked at the sheet later and Ironwoman had done 24.5 lengths.

Next it was up to the spin bikes. After an uneventful T1 transition, I made got to the bike with 3 minutes to spare. Enough time to get the bike setup the way I wanted. The only problem I had was that my left cleat would not engage on the pedal very well. I was connected enough to make due, but there was a little struggle with that. I maintained 33-35 mph on the computer they were using to measure distance. I also kept my heart rate in Zone 3 to save something for the run. 30 minutes later the bike was done. I had done 17.4 miles. Just by looking at other peoples cadence, I could tell I was near the top of my wave. I looking at the sheets later, I saw that Ironwoman had done 15 something, so I was very pleased with my ride.

Finally on to the treadmill. I changed my shoes and headed over to the treadmill. As soon as they said go, I started running, The first 5 minutes at 7.5 mph, then 7.7 mph for another 5 and finished at 8.0 mph for a total distance of 2.57 miles. An improvement over last year of 0.07, small, but definitely an improvement. I check and Ironwoman only did 2.25, so I felt pretty good about my distance. I think I saw someone in my wave with 2.62, but I think I managed to get 2nd in the wave.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my fitness and I think am in good shape in preparing for the Half Ironman in June. The only negative about today was that I wore running shorts for bike and now am suffering a rash for it.