February So Far

February has been a good month. Work hasn’t forced me to miss a workout yet, and I feel like I have been smart with my workouts. I have had an odd injury, last Friday I could barely walk after a swim. By the time I left work, I was limping out to the car and could barely sit for the 45 minute drive home. I spend much of the night icing down my back which did little to help. Then I did what I have found to be the best thing to do when my back acts up. I went for a run. I ran 9 miles on Saturday, although it took me a while for my back to loosen up enough to really run, the slow jog worked wonders. Another 6 miles before church on Sunday and I was feeling much better.

That really got me thinking how truly blessed I am. Not only do I have a great family, but at almost 44 years old, my body feels better after 6 miles of running. I can even exercise my way out of back pain. That is just crazy.

My first race is coming up on 2/21 — The Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon at the Canton, MI Lifetime. This should be a good test. My goals are pretty simple, I hope to make some improvement in the swim (better than 17 lengths in 10 minutes), and stay the same on the run (2.5 miles in 20 minutes). The bike is the big unknown. Last year, I had an advantage because the resistance was set a the same level for everyone, and since I would normally have to push my body weight on a bike, that resistance was pretty easy for me. This year, everyone can set the resistance to wherever they want (meaning 0). That will make the bike a contest of who can hold the highest cadence the longest. I am pretty comfortable between 90 and 100, but I am sure there are freaks who will be pushing 150-160. Last year, I made the top 10 overall and was 3rd in the masters division. I am hoping for similar results this year. If I can move up in the swim, I will make much bigger moves in the overall.