Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon 2010 Race Report

I just got home from the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. This was a race based on time, 10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes on the spin bike and 20 minutes on the treadmill. I went off in the first wave at 7:00 am. While we were waiting around, I started sizing up the competition. I really couldn’t tell how I compared. That was until the Club Manager came up and started talking to the woman next to me. As I eavesdropped on the conversation, I discovered she had finished Ironman Wisconsin and in planning on doing Ironman Arizona this year. This immediately put my self doubt in high gear. Sooner than I can remember, we were in the pool.

Ironwoman was in the lane next to me and I was sharing a lane with a guy with a full beard that looked like it would create as much drag as my spare tire. We started. Ironwoman quickly disappeared and Bearded guy disappeared as well. I was quickly on my own and settled into what I would call a comfortably hard pace. Just focused on breathing and efficient strokes. Ten minutes later it was over. I hit the wall just as they blew the finish whistle. 18 lengths was a new PR for me. I looked at the sheet later and Ironwoman had done 24.5 lengths.

Next it was up to the spin bikes. After an uneventful T1 transition, I made got to the bike with 3 minutes to spare. Enough time to get the bike setup the way I wanted. The only problem I had was that my left cleat would not engage on the pedal very well. I was connected enough to make due, but there was a little struggle with that. I maintained 33-35 mph on the computer they were using to measure distance. I also kept my heart rate in Zone 3 to save something for the run. 30 minutes later the bike was done. I had done 17.4 miles. Just by looking at other peoples cadence, I could tell I was near the top of my wave. I looking at the sheets later, I saw that Ironwoman had done 15 something, so I was very pleased with my ride.

Finally on to the treadmill. I changed my shoes and headed over to the treadmill. As soon as they said go, I started running, The first 5 minutes at 7.5 mph, then 7.7 mph for another 5 and finished at 8.0 mph for a total distance of 2.57 miles. An improvement over last year of 0.07, small, but definitely an improvement. I check and Ironwoman only did 2.25, so I felt pretty good about my distance. I think I saw someone in my wave with 2.62, but I think I managed to get 2nd in the wave.

Overall, I feel pretty good about my fitness and I think am in good shape in preparing for the Half Ironman in June. The only negative about today was that I wore running shorts for bike and now am suffering a rash for it.

First Race of 2010

Sunday is my first scheduled race of 2010. I am entered in the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon at the Canton, MI facility. I am probably the best prepared for one of these that I ever have been. This is a training race for me, so I am treating it like just another workout. In fact I am planning on doing my long run (11 miles) the day before. My goals are pretty simple. A swim of 18 lengths (450m) would be 1 better than last year. I really don’t know what to expect on the spin bike. I have only been on any bike twice since November and this year we get to adjust the tension. For the Run, I hope to better last year’s 2.5 miles in 20 minutes. This should be a really fun weekend as my daughter has a swim meet Sunday afternoon. I will try to report Monday how things go.

Blogging from the Blackberry

I just downloaded an application that will allow me to manage my blog from my phone. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet. We will see as time goes on. I am sitting here at my daughter’s swim practice thinking how pathetic I am that I can’t keep up with the 8 year old girls. Well enough feeling sorry for myself, practice is almost over.

February So Far

February has been a good month. Work hasn’t forced me to miss a workout yet, and I feel like I have been smart with my workouts. I have had an odd injury, last Friday I could barely walk after a swim. By the time I left work, I was limping out to the car and could barely sit for the 45 minute drive home. I spend much of the night icing down my back which did little to help. Then I did what I have found to be the best thing to do when my back acts up. I went for a run. I ran 9 miles on Saturday, although it took me a while for my back to loosen up enough to really run, the slow jog worked wonders. Another 6 miles before church on Sunday and I was feeling much better.

That really got me thinking how truly blessed I am. Not only do I have a great family, but at almost 44 years old, my body feels better after 6 miles of running. I can even exercise my way out of back pain. That is just crazy.

My first race is coming up on 2/21 — The Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon at the Canton, MI Lifetime. This should be a good test. My goals are pretty simple, I hope to make some improvement in the swim (better than 17 lengths in 10 minutes), and stay the same on the run (2.5 miles in 20 minutes). The bike is the big unknown. Last year, I had an advantage because the resistance was set a the same level for everyone, and since I would normally have to push my body weight on a bike, that resistance was pretty easy for me. This year, everyone can set the resistance to wherever they want (meaning 0). That will make the bike a contest of who can hold the highest cadence the longest. I am pretty comfortable between 90 and 100, but I am sure there are freaks who will be pushing 150-160. Last year, I made the top 10 overall and was 3rd in the masters division. I am hoping for similar results this year. If I can move up in the swim, I will make much bigger moves in the overall.

January Summary

I finished the month of January with 90.54 running miles. This is the most running miles I have completed in a single month since I started running in October of 2008 except for the month I ran the Free Press Marathon. I also swam 8.2 miles which is the most in a month I have ever done. Volume-wise, I think I am on track for the Half Ironman in June. I have 2 tests before that. One is the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon February 21 and the other is the Martian Half Marathon April 10. Hopefully the weather will break in late February or early March and I can start hitting the road both for running and on the Bike.