A Breathrough?

I have changed my workout routine up a little bit. I purchased a foot pod for my Garmin 305 Forerunner. Now I track my running workouts on the treadmill using my garmin in addition to the outdoor workouts. The big difference is calibration. The garmin says I am covering more distance than the treadmill and if I had to guess, I’d say the treadmill is closer to correct. However, I am going to use the Garmin for tracking purposes because of the consistency, being able to compare pace and time and having more workout detail available. I will have to adjust my pace accordingly, but right now running feels really good.

Today was a swimming workout. Swimming has become increasingly frustrating until today when I think I maybe had a minor breakthrough. I started my workout with a 100 breaststroke to loosen up then I put on the fins for 300 freestyle and 400 drills. During the 300 free I was working on widening my pull and getting a good bend in my elbow. I noticed my lap times were quicker than normal but really didn’t pay attention to that. After the 400m of drills, I took off the fins and did 400m of freestyle. To my surprise my times were 15 seconds per 100 better than normal. The “correction” of my arm position seems to have made some sort of difference. I finished off my workout with 8 – 25m sprints starting every 1 minute. This gave me about 30 seconds rest between intervals. Finally 100m of easy breast stroke and 100m easy free finished out my workout. Judging by the soreness in my upper body, I did something right and maybe will improve from the plateau I was on. Only time will tell.