2010 Race Schedule

I have set my goals, now I just have implement the plans to achieve them. I have my training plan mapped out, although I may need to tweak it some. For January and Feburary, I am focusing on Swimming and Running which are my two weakest Triathlon Disciplines. A lot of the Running fitness will carry over into Cycling. March will be the time I start working on the cycling. So this is my Race Plan if all goes well.

2/21/10 – Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon
This race is a test of my off season fitness. I am swimming around 2 miles a week and want to see how fast I can go for 10 minutes. Last year I did 17 lengths (425 m), hoping I can improve that to 18+. The bike is a new game this year, because the rules have changed to allow the tension to be set anywhere instead of being preset. It will become a race of who can spin at the highest rpm for the longest. For the run, I have a goal of equalling last year’s 2.5 mile effort. 8:00 minute miles for 20 minutes is a pretty good clip for me anything above and beyond that is bonus. I have already signed up for this race.

4/10/10 – Martian Half-Marathon
This race is to test how prepared I am for a half-marathon. My goal is 2:15. I did the First half of the Free Press Marathon in 2:33 with a bathroom break. I am thinking I can run 10 minute miles for a half marathon. I have come very close to this in training.

5/29/10 – Island Lake Sprint Triathlon
I am doing this race with a friend who will be doing his first triathlon. This will be a rehearsal for my next event. Just started thinking about my time goals, let’s see. 800m swim, lets say 25 minutes. 12.4 mile bike, I am gonna go with 45 minutes, and a 30 minute 5k would put me at 1:40, so we can add some fudge for transition and put the goal time at 1:45.

6/6/10 – Racing for Recovery Half-Ironman Triathlon
This is the big event of the summer and my first attempt at the 70.3 distance. Obviously the first goal is to finish. If I have to put a time goal on it, I would base it on a 1 hour swim (3:15 per 100), 3.5 hour bike ride (16 mph) and 2.5 hour run (11:23 per mile). That would put me at 7 hours on the dot, so I am going to make that my goal because I think each of the individual times are more that achievable.

9/11/10 – Tawas Triathlon Festival Half-Iron
This event will be my second 70.3. The goals for this one would be to finish and beat previous HIM Time. Hopefully I can take the lessons learned from the first and apply it to this one.

10/17/10 – Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon
This will be the second open marathon of my life. My primary goal is to beat last year’s time of 5:45. The secondary goal is to be under 5 hours.

11/27/10 – Canton, MI Turkey Trot 5K
No goals for this one, this is just the new Thanksgiving Day family tradition. My wife walks and I run with my soon to be 11 year old daughter. Last year with finished with an exact time tie of 28:06. Ideally we will improve this time, but really I just want to enjoy the run with her while it is still harder for her than it is for me. It will not be long before she is slowing down for the old guy.