Two More Days Down

Yesterday I swam, my intention was to simply swim 2000 meters straight and not use my fins. Well with as little stopping at the turns as possible anyway. I did the full 2000 and it was pretty uneventful until the 1800m mark. I thought I would try to breath every third stroke for a 100. I made it 75 yards and had to switch back to every 2 to finish the 100. The surprising thing to me is that I was still 15 seconds faster for that 100 than the rest. I know that in order to get faster, I am going to have to speed up my cadence.

This morning I was following the training plan and ran 5 miles plus .29 miles cooldown. I ran 2 miles at 5.5 miles per hour, 1 mile at 6 mph and 2 miles at 5.5 mph. The only thing that was of concern this morning was my heart rate pattern. 5.5 mph is my “easy” pace yet those last 2 miles my heart rate stayed in high zone 3 low zone 4, when it should have been zone 2 or low zone 3. Could be an indication that I have overdone it this week. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and I am thinking that I may actually take the rest.