2 Workouts of the Routine Are Complete

Started Monday with the normal 3:45 wakeup, get dressed and head to the gym. Monday was a swimming day and probably the area I need the most work. I swam 1600m in which I did 6 – 100 m intervals attempting to breathe every 3rd stroke. I do end up swimming quicker when I breathe every 3rd stroke, I think because I increase my cadence. However, my body seems to think I am sprinting and I end up getting short on breath around the 75 m mark of the interval. I have come a long way in terms of my swimming endurance, but I still have a long way to go.

Today I reluctantly got out of bed at 3:45 and had a brief argument with myself about going to the gym. Eventually I won and ended up going to the gym. After a warmup, I did 4 intervals of 4 minutes at 7.5 mph (8:00/mile) with 4 minutes of rest at 5.5 mph. During the 3rd interval, I had another argument with myself about whether or not I was going to do the 4th interval. Again I won and I did the 4th interval. I ran a total of 4.51 miles in 45 minutes on a day when the training plan called for 4 miles.

Tomorrow the training plan is empty, but I do not want to get out of the routine of getting up at 3:45, so I will probably do an easy pace swim to help recover from today’s intervals.