Starting 2010 Right

I was awakened by my pager at 7:15 on New Year’s Day. Fortunately I could do what I needed to do from home, However I really could not do anything else until the issue was resolved. At about 11:30 I received word that everything was clear and I could stand down. It was 23 degrees outside and a light snow was falling so what better thing could I do than go for a run. It is funny that running would not have occurred to me 18 months ago and running outside in 23 degree weather wouldn’t have been a consideration last winter. Yesterday I not only did it, but I enjoyed it.

The first step was gearing up. I put on a double layer of running tights, a long sleeved compression shirt, a long sleeved tech fabric shirt, a cycling windbreaker and a skull cap. The colors didn’t necessarily match but at this point warmth was more important.

I also did a first, I left my iPod at home. I only strapped on my Garmin and carried my Blackberry in case something happened at work again. I tried to plan my route based on safety because the roads were somewhat narrowed by the ice and snow on the shoulders I usually run on. I was nice because it was a very quiet day other than the few cars and the neighborhood dogs.

I did discover I really like running outside in the cold. I might even be willing to go 10 degrees colder. The only problem is that it takes every piece of clothing I have for cold weather. Which means I have to do laundry after every outdoor run. Then again, I work dark to dark this time of year so I don’t have time to run outside during the week anyway.

Happy New Year to everyone.

You can see the GPS Tracking of my run here.