Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon Race Report

I don’t really know how to tell the story of this race, for me it really was 2 separate halves. The first have was a nice easy run with lots of people and lots to see. The second half was a lonely internal struggle against quitting. I finished the marathon in 5:45:33 which was 45 minutes slower than my goal time. It was slightly disappointing, but 5 hours was Goal #2. Goal #1 was finishing and I did accomplish that.

I think about that second half as being lonely because there were much fewer Marathoners than Half-Marathoners and the field was much more spread out. I could always see another racer but they were never close. I wasn’t really alone, because I had the support of my family and my friends. I can express how much I appreciate that support.

I now have had a few days of rest and I am already thinking I will run again next year and make a significant improvement in my time. Now I can shift the focus of running a Marathon from finishing, to inspiring other people and raising money for a good cause. This year I ran as part of the LIVESTRONG team, but it was something that I really just hopped on at the last minute. Next year I intend to be more deliberate about it.

Training starts again next week. My next big event will be the Racing For Recovery Half Ironman Triathlon on June 6, 2010.

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