My first real running race

I thought I would test my training for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon by running in another race before then. I happened to find the Run Like The Wind 10k tomorrow. This race is close to home and I am hoping to use it to learn how to keep my first half pace down so I can run a faster second half. My training plan calls for 1 hour of running and that is actually my goal for the 10k. Last Week I did my first 2 hour run and the biggest thing I learned was the importance of fuel. I slowed to a walk at my turnaround point and ate a powerbar before starting to run again. I was able to run significantly faster the second half of the run and even ran my fastest mile in the last full mile.

I have noticed positive indicators lately. I can walk around and my heart rate stays below 60. I have done rides faster and with a 10 beat lower average heart rate. If only I could lose weight. I haven’t seen that happen in months.