Why Sponsor a Slow Fat Guy in a Race

This is my shameless plug for potential sponsors for my upcoming entry in the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon. There are a few good reasons to sponsor me. At 6′ 3″ and 220 pounds I am a large potential billboard for many products. Since I am slow, I will also give your product at least 5 hours of exposure at the Free Press Marathon. Not like those fast guys who will only give you a little over 2 hours of exposure.

How does someone sponsor me? I am easy, send me free stuff. 🙂 My current “sponsors” will be GoUltraSports.com who I will be wearing a hat from, unless it is very cold that day. Garmin will be on my wrist in the form of a Forerunner 305. I am also probably going to be locked into my shoes which will either be Salomon or Asics. Other than that, I am wide open to products that would go elsewhere (shirts, shorts, socks, etc.) If you interested, drop me a note in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You can also message me on Twitter, I am @bubmiller.

Run Like The Wind 10k Race Report

I completed the Run Like The Wind 10k yesterday as part of my training for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon. I ran the 10k in a time of 56 minutes 57 seconds. I was absolutely thrilled with the time because it was under my goal of 1 hour. Based on this time, if I can hold it together, I should be able to make my goal of 5 hours for the Marathon.

This race was fun because I took place on Hines Drive starting in Westland MI. On Saturdays during the Summer, Hines Drive is closed to motorized traffic to give the runners, cyclists, and rollerbladers the entire road. The road closes at 9:00 am so the race was scheduled to start at 9:30, which was nice to not have to get up an extremely early time. At 9:30 we were off, I had seeded myself towards the back because I knew I wouldn’t be fighting it out for first. I settled into what felt like a comfortable pace. The plan was to run at about 10 minute per mile pace until the turnaround point and then pick it up. The first mile marker came up and I had 9:08 on my watch, oops. Can’t make that mistake in the Marathon. I then forced myself to ease back and I managed to get my pace back to 9:40 for the next 2 miles and had the turnaround point in sight. I made the turnaround and just let myself go to “comfortably hard” place which for me is right around the 9:10 pace. The hills on the course were subtle which let me focus on the pace. I had been following 2 guys pushing strollers most of the way. I finally caught an passed them with about 2 miles to go. This was the minor victory I needed to keep me going. There was only one runner ahead that I could see so I put my focus on catching and passing him. I caught him just before we had the finish line in sight. This is when I put on my final “kick”. A barely perceptible burst that no one but me really noticed and I crossed the finish line at 56:57.

My first real running race

I thought I would test my training for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon by running in another race before then. I happened to find the Run Like The Wind 10k tomorrow. This race is close to home and I am hoping to use it to learn how to keep my first half pace down so I can run a faster second half. My training plan calls for 1 hour of running and that is actually my goal for the 10k. Last Week I did my first 2 hour run and the biggest thing I learned was the importance of fuel. I slowed to a walk at my turnaround point and ate a powerbar before starting to run again. I was able to run significantly faster the second half of the run and even ran my fastest mile in the last full mile.

I have noticed positive indicators lately. I can walk around and my heart rate stays below 60. I have done rides faster and with a 10 beat lower average heart rate. If only I could lose weight. I haven’t seen that happen in months.