I Am Registered For the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon

I have really gone out on a limb this time. I signed up for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon on October 18, 2009. I also started my 14 week Marathon training plan from Active.com this week. I am going to try to blog about my training as I go. My biggest problem with blogging right now, is that my job has me on a computer most of the day and when I get home, usually the last thing I want to do is get on the computer.

One thing I am kind of crazy about doing now is tracking my workouts online. The ones that I have shareable public profiles on are Daily Burn, weENDURE and dailymile. I also put anything I log in my GPS (Garmin Edge 305) in my Garmin Connect account. I am not sure which one to focus on because they all track different things. I am thinking of concentrating on dailymile because it does social networks very well, with automatic posts to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The problem I have, is that I have a lot of history on weENDURE, so I will have to make a decision at some point.