One Week to Go

I start the last week of training for the Racing 4 Recovery Sprint Triathlon. My rental wet suit is out on the truck for delivery and I am expecting it today. I ran 9 miles this morning for my long workout, and I hope to get 2 – 2.5 hours in tomorrow on the bike, then I will start tapering for the race. I am still a bit frustrated that I have not been able to get my weight under 230, but I feel strong and am starting to have to consider buying new clothes, especially pants. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Now I need to start doing things like preparing checklists and start planning/organizing the day. I just received the information letter from the race organizers that tells me everything I need to bring that I wouldn’t have thought of. 10 buck for the USA Triathlon one-day membership, a “reusable” bag for the SWAG.

I am looking forward to this race to test the last 6 weeks of training I have been doing.