Three Weeks to go.

I have just crossed the three weeks to go line for my first outdoor triathlon. I have ordered my rental wetsuit which should arrive next week. Last night, I took my road bike off the trainer for the first time in a long time and got in 20 miles. I did have 2 minor mechanical issues. The first one is when I dropped into my smallest cog, it spun right off the cassette. Since this is not a tool someone would normally carry on a ride, I had to improvise and managed to get everything back on and tightened down so I could get home. The other issue was one of my bar end plugs popped out. It felt great to be out riding and the road bike was very comfortable for the 20 miles I rode it. According to Motionbased I averaged 17.6 miles per hour when I was moving. I am very pleased with that, because I have not ridden the road bike outside very much. It is also looking like I am going to shift my rest day from Sunday to Monday, so I can run and bike outside on the weekend. I think this will work out well.