Starting The Blog Over

I now have 2 goals, in the short term, I will be competing in my first outdoor Triathlon. I will be racing in the Racing for Recovery Sprint Triathlon in Monroe, Michigan. The Training Plan I will be using for this event is a 6-week Crash Course for an Olympic Distance Tri. I actually am a little ahead of the plan in terms of where my fitness is right now so this should work out well.

Here are my obstacles. 1. I have a job that puts me on call 24×7. I could get a page at any time and need to work. I try to schedule my workouts in the lull times where we don’t usually have a lot of calls. 2. My job is normally 45-50 hours per week a lot because of the on call times. 3. I am an assistant coach of my daughters Soccer team. We practice 2 times a week and typically have 1 game a week through the middle of June.

I have already laid out my clothes and put together bag for the Gym tomorrow. I will be swimming tomorrow morning, if all goes well I will be in the pool by 4:30 am. The scheduled workout is for 10 reps of 50 yards. My previous workouts have been swimming 1600 yards, so I will probably do a little more than the scheduled workout.

I use 2 web sites to track my workouts, although I will probably cut it down to 1 soon. I use weEndure because of the ability to track running, swimming and cycling as well as providing monthly summaries. It is also public so everyone can see. I also use Active Training because this is where I found the training plans I am using.

Stay tuned for more changes coming to this blog, including the look, as I intend to give it a freshening.