LTF Indoor Triathlon Race Report

First the results and then I will talk about the individual segments. I was very pleased with the results and how I performed. I still have room for improvement, but I feel like I did very well all things considered. I finished tied for 8th overall with a tie for 34th in the swim, 6th place on the bike and 14th on the run. In the Masters Mens division I was 3rd overall with a tie for 5th in the swim, 1st on the bike and 6th on the run.

This is how my race day went. My start time was 7:00 am so I arrived at the Gym at 6:00. I registered and picked up my T-shirt, then proceeded to set up my locker. I had already developed my plan for the race. I set up my locker with the shirt, cycling shorts running shoes and heart rate monitor on top, with a bag containing my cycling shoes and running shorts. My plan was to ride in cycling shorts then run to the mens room and change into running shorts for the run.

First up was the swim. I did an extremely light warmup, because I know swimming is not my strength and would be a good warmup for the bike portion. At the start whistle, I started a little fast for me, but soon settled into a groove. The ten minutes went by very quickly and I was somewhat shocked to learn that I got 17 lengths (425m) in. In all my preparation I was pushing to get 16 in, so 17 was a great number that got the try off to a good start.

The first transition also went off without a hitch. I was the first person from my wave up to the bike and I had time to adjust it to my comfort. I set my heart rate monitor where I could see it and planned to keep my heart rate as close to 160 as I could. This would be a pace I could maintain for the full 30 minutes. This was a point where I could look around and see how others were doing. I could definitely tell I was riding at a faster cadence than everyone else. In the end, I put 13.4 miles on the cycle computer. There was no way to know how that would stand up, but I felt like it was a good number.

The second transition was a run to the mens room to change out of the cycling shorts and into the running shorts. I made it to the treadmill with a minute to spare.

The strategy for the run was simple. Set the speed to 7.5 mph and run till I couldn’t run anymore. This speed would put me at my goal of 2.5 miles. With about 5 minutes to go in the run, I had the thought to run at 8 mph for the rest of the run, so I bumped up the speed. 2 minutes later my heart rate hit 185 and I couldn’t hold that any longer. so I slowed back down to 7.5. When the time hit 20 minutes I was at exactly 2.5 miles and had made my goal.

I couldn’t be more thrilled. I had my significant improvements on my performance from 2 years ago and had gone from middle of the pack to a top 10. It really felt great. Hopefully it will be a good start to the other events I intend to do this year.