Twitter and How it helped me.

Yesterday was a pretty boring workout of 30 minutes on a stationary bike at the gym and 30 minutes of strength training. Today was a Swim and Run workout. I did my classic 800 but it was after I had seen a tip posted on twitter by triswimcoach that took me to a video that explained. How to achieve greater distance per stroke on your freestyle (video). I tried this out this morning and missed completing 16 lengths in 10 minutes by 8 seconds. My previous best for 10 minutes was 14.5 lengths. This technique works very effectively. I felt like I was flying through the water, even though I am still a pretty slow swimmer. I finshed my 800 in 22:23 which was my fastest 800 ever and I took a pretty long break after the first 400.

I then went upstairs for some treadmill time. 30 minutes at 6 mph and a 5 minute cool down had me covering 3.29 miles and still feeling really good.

Tomorrow calls for an hour on the bike, which I will probably do at home on my trainer. I may go for some intervals.