Wrapping up February

Today was the end of a great month in term of working out. I only missed 2 planned workouts, both on Saturday, the entire month. I worked out on 22 day. My weight went from 238 on Feburary 1 to 233 as of today. I ran 48 miles, swam 8950 meters and spent 9 hours on a bicycle trainer. I really feel good, so good, in fact, I moved from Obese to Overweight on my Wii Fit.

I am now about a month away from the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon and I feel like I will be in pretty good shape by then. Hopefully I can improve my swim quite a bit in the next month.

Friday Is Here

My Friday workout was an 800m swim, which I did today in 22:41 and felt pretty good afterwords. Once I finished that, I headed upstairs at the gym to jump on the treadmill for an hour. The plan was to run the first 30 minutes at 6 mph, then bump the pace .2 every 10 minutes after that. It was a good plan until about 35 minutes in when I realized I was going to have to answer natures call. So I hit cooldown at 36:30, got off the treadmill at 41:30 and took care of business. Once I finished, I went back to the treadmill and and did another 25 minutes. Total running for today was 6.31 miles. Weighed in after the workout at 233, which is the lightest I have been in a year and a half. I had a protein shake from the Lifetime Cafe for the drive into work, but I am afraid the hunger is really gonna kick in at lunch time and I will end up eating way more than I burned today.

Swimming and Running, The Quick Workouts

Today’s plan called for a swim workout and a 20 minute run. Now I don’t do the swim workouts as prescribed simply because I swim slowly down and back then gasp for breath until I am ready to go again. So my only plan for workouts is to do 800 m as quickly as I can, which today was 22 minutes and that was actually 3 minutes faster than I have ever done 800 meters. I did make 2 small changes. 1. I purchased new goggles which were a huge improvement. A much better fit and not a single drop of leakage. 2. I swam in a swim cap for the first time since I did the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon in 2007. That was a stranger feeling. I felt like there was added buoyancy to my head. It was like a bobber on an anchor, but it was an interesting feeling. I don’t know if it made a real difference in the swim, but it definitely made a psychological difference.

Once I finished the swim, I changed and went upstairs for 20 minutes on the treadmill, which ends up being 25 because the treadmill adds 5 minutes to cool down I ran at 6.5 miles per hour for the full twenty minutes and feel really good. I do wish I had a better understanding of how the Heart Rate works. I averaged around 150 bpm for the run and it felt pretty easy. At the same heart rate on my bicycle trainer, I feel like I am sprinting and won’t have much left. A similar effort on the trainer has me averaging around 130 bpm. Same at the very top end, I can run a pretty hard sprint and hit a maximum heart rate of 185 and actually hold it for 30 seconds, where if I hit 180 on my bike outside or 170 on the trainer, I feel like I am going to pass out. If someone knows why that is, please let me know.

Tomorrow the plan is for another swim and 1 hour on the treadmill. Also means I have to bump up the alarm clock to 3:30 so I can make it to work on time.

What Else Can Go Wrong?

I am finally in a good groove where I am actually waking up before my alarm goes off. I have managed to put together everything I need to take to the gym and have it ready by the door so I can just pick it up and go. It has become enough of a routine for me that I can do it almost automatically. I say almost because today I managed to forget shorts to run in.

The plan for today was to swim. For swimming I don’t have much structure in my workouts because I basically am still at the point where I swim a 50 and stop until I stop gasping for breath and repeat. After I finished swimming, I would have changed into my running clothes and put in 30 minutes on the treadmill. I realized when I was getting my clothes out of my gym bag that I had grabbed 2 shirts and no shorts. Since the club frowns upon people working out in underwear (at least men, they are a little more lenient with the women, but that is a story for another time), I was left with no choice but to skip the run in the morning.

I may try to get my run in after my bible study tonight, but I don’t know if I will have the will to run at 9:30 and then turn around and get tomorrows workout of an hour on the bike in first thing in the morning.

Today’s swim was 800 meters with the following lap times: 1:16, 1:37, 1:27, 1:36, 1:31, 1:30, 1:28, 1:39, 1:40, 1:32, 1:50, 2:44, 1:32, 1:40, 1:39, 1:35. I wonder if I did an extra lap with that 2:44 thrown in there? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter, as you can see, my 50 m times would be decent 100 m times, so I have a long way to go in the swimming portion.

Monday Morning Workout

I woke up according to plan at 4:00 am and headed off to the Gym. Today’s plan calls for 30 minutes of cycling and a strength training workout. The 30 minute bike ride is a relatively easy ride for me now. I am riding at level 12 to 14 out of 25 for the entire 30 minutes and today I rode 13.38 miles. If only riding on the road were that easy, 26 mph solo would be pretty impressive. I left the gym a little before 6:00 am for work.

The Change Over

I have decided that I am going to re-purpose this blog from a general what I feel like when I feel like blog to a training blog.

You may wonder what kind of training will I be doing. Well my goal is to complete my first Marathon October 18, 2009. You may ask what the big deal is, thousands of people have done this. It is probably not a big deal for anyone but me. I hope if nothing else, I can be an inspiration for someone who has wanted to do something but was afraid to try.

First the things you need to know about me. I am soon to be 43 years old and have been at least somewhat athletic all my life. From high school where I played football, basketball and track to the last 5 years where I have been Mountain Bike Racing. I have not seen much improvement in my mountain bike racing, in large part because I have not been able to get my weight below 230. I have decided, I need to lose more of that weight and Mountain Biking wasn’t cutting it. I decided last October that I wanted to run in the 2009 Free Press Marathon. I then started doing base training consisting of longer workouts at a low intensity. I am hoping to complete my training with a mix of workouts much in the line of triathlon training, if for no other reason than to reduce the pounding on my knees. My first training race on the way to the Marthon is the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon on April 5th. I am following a training plan I found on Active.com for beginner triathletes planning on competing in an Olympic Distance Triathlon. If I am happy with the results, I intend to purchase a Marathon training plan and follow it, with some modifications. I am hoping to do a Sprint Triathlon in June and a couple of endurance mountain bike races (6 or 12 hours).

This blog will be the record of my progress along the road to the Free Press Marathon.