Two Days and counting

This morning I went downstairs to workout on my trainer and I chose to use my Mountain Bike Racing training video. I was only able to get through half the video because I kicked my own butt. It was a 30 minute workout with some really hard short intervals thrown in. I am typing this instead of facing the climb back upstairs.

The other item I am trying out is my daughter’s Wii Fit. It seems like it is a good workout for the areas I am weak. We will see how this goes over the next couple of weeks.

Since I did sign up for the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon in April, I am going to have to make some time to get in the Pool.

How Many Times Can I Start Over?

What really motivates me is having a goal or and end event to train for. In 2009, I have 2 goals. The first is a good finish in the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon on April 5th, 2009. The second goal is to finish the Detroit Free Press Marathon in the Fall. I have a long way to go for the second one because I still need to lose about 35 or 40 pounds before I attempt a marathon. I would like to throw in a 12 hour mountain bike race and an outdoor Triathlon or Duathon this summer as well. Today was the first training I have done in 2009 and the first since December 20th 2008. I have been sick with a sinus infection that really left me to weak and mucus filled to work out. I am still fighting the last remnants, but at least I can work out. Today was 40 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5 miles per hour. Tomorrow is an workout on the trainer in my basement, probably to one of the Carmichael Training Videos I have. Of course this all assumes work stays out of the way.