Voice of America offshores spamming duties to India

I can’t believe I was spammed with my own tax dollars. I recently found this comment on another blog I run that just holds links of pages I post to my del.icio.us account. It is totally a passive blog for me and really is sees little if no traffic.

In this election year of unprecedented international interest, VOA has introduced this new online meeting place for visitors to both learn more about the candidates and electoral process, and to share their own experiences, comments, and questions. Browse the site, join our global community, meet others with similar interests and varying views, and become a part of this fascinating and historic election. VOANews.com provides a comprehensive mix of text, audio, and video content in 45 languages, an accomplishment not equaled by any other international news organization.

This was sent to me by :

Author : saravananseo (IP: ,
E-mail : bookmarksubmission@gmail.com

This was posted as a comment to a link I posted about how Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account was hacked.

Some interesting things to note: The IP Address is owned by the following: -
Reliance Communications Ltd
Dhirubai Ambani Knowledge City
Thane Belapur Road, KoparKhairane
Navi Mumbai - 400710

So not only am I getting spammed by “The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts more than 1,250 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of 134 million people.” They have offshored their spam work to India. At least if my tax dollars were being spent to spam me, they could pay Americans to do it.