Obama chooses Sen. Joe Biden to be running mate – CNN.com

This is just too good. If you ever really needed proof that Obama lacks experience, here it is. Of course people will have to be really careful when they talk about this ticket “Obama Biden” could easily become “Osama Bin Ladin”. As a conservative, I really can’t think of a better pick of a running mate than Biden. Biden has the kind of record that Obama would have if he actually had experience. Not to speak of the arrogance that both men display that most Americans find offensive. The Tax and Energy policies alone are enough to make it obvious that these two men should never occupy the White House.

Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, brings years of experience that could help counter GOP arguments that an Obama administration would be inexperienced on foreign policy.

Obama chooses Sen. Joe Biden to be running mate – CNN.com.

Back Into Racing

This morning will be my first Mountain Bike Race in over a year. Life has gotten in the way of racing this year. A new job requires much more of my time than previous jobs. My daughter’s sports have taken a couple of hours away from training. My lack of discipline in what I eat has added 30 pounds since last year. Today’s race is important to me just to get back to challenging myself. It is a short race on a trail I know very well so it should be a good hard 45 minute to an hour workout. I am racing Beginner 40-49 because the beginner class is going first and I will be done relatively early in the day. I am also racing beginner because I wasn’t very fast in Sport when I was in better shape.

Race Report later…