The Challenge Has Been Issued

A friend of mine asked me if I thought I could do a Half-Ironman Triathlon in 2 years. I was crazy or dumb enough to say yes. How hard could it be? I have already done 3 12 Hour Mountain Bike races. I shouldn’t have any problem. I am leaving out, I haven’t run seriously in over a year when I did the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. I that, I swam just under a quarter mile, biked for 11.6 miles and ran just under 2 miles. So in 2 years I need to bump that up to 1.2 miles in the water, 50 miles on the bike and 13 miles of running. The other problem is that I am starting from nearly the heaviest weight of my life at 260 pounds. I also took about 4 months off of the bike while I put on the 30 pounds since last summer.

I do have a number of challenges to get there:

  1. Getting my weight down
  2. Job that has me oncall 24×7 and working about 50 hours per week.
  3. I sink in the water even as fat as I am now.
  4. I have never run more than 3 miles in my life.

If I can overcome these challenges I will be in great shape 2 years from now for the Half-Ironman.