Happy New Year

I have talked about starting over many times. In many ways 2008 will be a starting over year. I have managed in the last 5 months to put back on all the weight I lost 3 years ago. I suspect when I weigh in tomorrow at the gym, I will be up over 260 pounds. I have done very little in the way of exercise in the last 3 months. Well all of this has to change, and that change will start tomorrow. I have one primary goal for next year. I want to complete a 24 hour mountain bike endurance race this summer. The race I intend to enter is the 24 Hours of Hanson Hills. My understanding of the course leads to a couple of other sub goals. 1. Lose at least 40 pounds. I discovered at the hilly courses where I did the 12 hour races last summer, that it was just to difficult to push my body up hills effectively. I need to lose weight off my body to make climbing effective. 2. Training on mountain bike trails at least 2 times a week. Last summer I did not do much off road riding outside of races. This made me much more tentative and tense which equals slower. Finally 3. Improve my performance in the 3 12 hour races leading up to the 24 hour race.

Progress updates are coming tomorrow. I will try to blog about it when I can.