Race Season Is Almost Over

My last endurance race of this season is coming up this weekend. The 12 Hours of Pando is this Saturday. I did this race last year as a 6 hour and was really taught a lesson about going out too fast and climbing too hard. This year I intend to start slower. My goal is to double the number of laps I did in the 6 hour race last year which would make my goal 18 laps. The laps are short but there is a lot of climbing. I think my focus for the winter will be losing weight, then building endurance and speed. Hopefully I can perform better in the races with climbing.

Tonight will be my last ride before the race. I will be riding in the Cycle To Fitness Wednesday Maybury Miles group ride. If I can recover fast enough, I will also ride in the Maybury Cross Country race a week from Saturday. Maybury is my “home” trail and a race there is always fun. My only goal for this race is to equal my time of last year, which 7 days after a 12 hour race should be a tough goal.

Tonight will also be my last Wednesday night group ride as I am starting a new challenge. I will be an assistant coach for my daughters soccer team. Next Wednesday is the first practice. Stephanie and I are both excited about me coaching.