The Little Sleep Files

I was awakened by my boss this morning at 2:00 am for a problem at work. (Yes, waking up for these is part of the job, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.) Two hours later and the problem is solved. Oh yeah, my alarm goes off in 30 more minutes, so what else should I do. It is a perfect time to blog.

Yesterday I had planned on doing my first group road ride. I left work on time and arrived at the bike shop we were meeting at in plenty of time. My road bike had been on the trainer and had not been ridden in a while, so I put air in the tires and start getting the rest of my stuff together. Then I hear the unmistakable sound of air rapidly exiting my rear tire. Ok, no big deal, I have a spare tube, I will just put it in and buy a new spare from the shop. So I put the new tube in, reinflate, remount the wheel and start going about my business. The next thing I know I hear that same sound again. So now I have lost my primary and spare tube and the ride is supposed to start in 5 minutes. I knew that this must be a sign, so I just pack up and go home. Then when I get home I start investigating and find that there was a tear in the rim strip at a spoke hole. The edge of the spoke hole was sharp enough to open up the tube.

Hopefully tonight will go better. Tonight I intend to ride the Cycle to Fitness Wednesday Maybury Miles Group Ride. I have done this ride before and it is very fun. It is usually a good 4 hour ride. About 13 to 16 miles of trails and about 30 miles of road. Although the 95 degree heat ought to make it fun in a sick and twisted way.

The new job is starting well, and I think I am going to like it. It is a big change for me having spent most of my career in IT supporting the Automotive industry to now move to the Health Care Industry. There are a lot of similarities, but the differences are huge.

Well, My alarm just went off, so I guess it is time to stop writing and start getting ready for work.