A Milestone

Today is the 2nd time in my working life that I am experiencing a last day with an employer and voluntarily changing jobs. Almost 11 years ago was the last time I did this. I have actually had 4 different employers in the last 11 years, although when the employers change, I stayed in the same job. This time I am changing employers and jobs at the same time. It is actually kind of scary. I am going into my new job with a little bit of fear of if I am going to be able to do the job well. I think that is a good thing. I am definitely in need of a challenge. So technically, I will be unemployed this weekend as today is my last day with my current employer and my new job starts Monday. I will be racing in a 12 hour Mountain Bike race tomorrow so I won’t have to think about it and I won’t have time to worry.

Time to start a new path in life.