Stony Creek Marathon Race Report

I raced yesterday in the Stony Creek Marathon. I finished 8th in my class in a time of 4:13 for approximately 40 miles. I was generally pleased with my performance, although I did lose my legs on the fourth lap and ended up walking all the significant climbs. I probably should have raced Beginner and been finished after the third lap.

I did have one unusual mechanical failure. About halfway through the first lap, my left cleat pulled out of my shoe. The cleat stayed in the pedal and I was able to make the cleat sort of fit back in the shoe for another lap. Then on an uphill switchback I must have twisted the cleat just right and popped the cleat out of the pedal. So there I was stuck riding the last 2 and a half laps precariously balancing on the left pedal that had no platform. This made the more technical sections even more difficult.

I also had a small pause in the third lap in a technical section. There was an uphill log crossing that was immediately followed by a log parallel to the trail for erosion control. The downhill side was a rather steep slope and when I finished walking over the log, I look down the slope and saw a bike with rider still attached. So I stopped to make sure the rider was ok. She didn’t seem too sure at first, so I went down to her and by the time I got there she had extracted herself from the bike. She wasn’t sure if she was ok, so I brought her bike up to the trail so she could verify she was ok. Once she walked it off, she was fine, and proceeded to put 15 minutes on me. UPDATE: I am the “nice man” in this story.

Here is my gps data for the race.