What Did I Do Today

For breakfast I had 2 servings of Instant Oatmeal, and for lunch I had a really big helping of tortellini. I also had my usual pot of coffee. Dinner was 3 Turkey Hot Dogs with whole wheat buns and some fries. (baked not fried)

For exercise: I rode it the group ride called Cycle To Fitness Wednesday Maybury Miles. We ride from the Cycle To Fitness Bike shop to Maybury State Park for two laps on the Mountain Bike Trails and then back to the shop. Tonight was a good ride that started in warm (90 degrees) weather and stayed warm most of the night. The ride finished in the dark. I ate fig newtons during the ride and consumed about 100 oz. of water. I just finished 40 oz. of post ride water.

It is late and time to go to bed. Good night.