Bloomer Park XC Race Report

It’s been a while since I wrote anything my training, so I guess it is time to catch up. I did two new things since the last time I wrote. The first was a group ride called Wednesday Maybury Miles from Cycle To Fitness. This ride started at about 6:00 pm and went from the bike shop in Livonia to Maybury State Park for 2 laps around the Mountain Bike Trails at Maybury and back. We met a few people at the trailhead who rode the trails with us. Only 3 of us did the whole ride, Daniel and Tracy. We maintained a pretty good pace on the roads, however there was a pretty wide gap between us on the trails. We did the first lap at our own pace and I am not sure how long Daniel had to wait for me, but I am sure it was quite a while. Then we waited a little while longer for Tracy. Then we went back out for lap 2 at a “social” pace. I was able to stay with the group for about half a lap but was dropped on a new section of trail that was not quite mud, but uphill and pretty sticky. That is where I paid the price for my size. The ride home was pretty quick because it was almost all downhill and it was getting dark. We arrived back at the bike shop around 10:00 PM and had covered between 40 and 45 miles depending on which computer we chose to believe. I was using my Garmin Edge and it had us at 41.41 miles. I do get the sense that the GPS tends to “straighten the curves” and on a tight mountain bike trail loses some of the distance. You can see the GPS data here.

The second new thing was I raced yeterday in the Bloomer Park XC race. I had no expectation of being competitive, I just wanted to put in a long intense workout that is nearly impossible to do in a group ride or solo. Bloomer is a great course, because it has a bit of everything. Tough climbs, Technical switchbacks and fast flats. I raced last year with a bad head cold and ended up with a DNF so I intended to not do that this year. This year’s course was a bit different from the last two times I raced here. Nearly all the difficult sections were in the first half of each lap. The second half of the lap had the long fast flats and one big climb. It was nice knowing once the last tough section was complete, there was some time to recover before taking it on again. My wife came and took pictures this year. I have only glanced at a few and I may post them in a future post. I finished in about 2 hours and 12 minutes for about 18 miles. It was a good workout. Today, I am hoping I can get about an hour spin in to loosen up my legs.

The official results are in, I finished in 6th place in the Sport Clydesdale class with at time of 2:14:34.513.

The next race on my schedule will be either the Stony Creek XC Marathon on June 30th or the 12 Hours of Ithaca on July 21st, depending on my Vacation Schedule. I am quite excited about the 12 Hours of Ithaca because the trail is virtually flat which puts me a less of a disadvantage because of my weight.