Official Google Blog: Carbon neutrality by end of 2007

All you libs should love Google after this:
Official Google Blog: Carbon neutrality by end of 2007

Here is the funny part:

Our plan to neutralize Google’s carbon footprint includes three basic strategies:
– reduce energy consumption by maximizing efficiency;
– invest in and use renewable energy sources; and
– purchase carbon offsets for the emissions that we can’t reduce directly.

The first two are great business moves and will actually add value for Google. Purchasing carbon offsets is absolutely meaningless. Although I would love to be in the business of selling carbon offsets.

Already Off The Daily Post Plan, But Still Trying

I managed to get up today at 4:30 and go to the Gym for a 5:30 Spin Class. I need a better High Intensity workout than I get at home or on Solo rides. This is why I decided to give the Spin Class another go. If you look at the Heart Rate profile for the class, you can see that is exactly what I got. It was a good class and put the hurt on my legs which is what I needed.

Spin Class Heart Rate Profile 6/19/2007

Today I weighed in at 238 pounds. Big shock there given I still eat like crap. Tomorrow night is the Cycle To Fitness Wednesday Maybury Miles group ride. About 45 miles including 13 miles of mountain bike trail. This ride is a great way to get a long ride in during the week. If I were to get really crazy, I would ride from my house to the bike shop and back home after the ride to add another 16 miles. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not sure I am that crazy yet.

Today’s Diary

My breakfast today consisted of 2 hard-boiled eggs and a lot of coffee. Lunch was some salami and dinner was a 3pc Meal from KFC.

My legs are a little sore after last night’s ride but nothing a little ibuprofen can’t fix. No workout today.

What Did I Do Today

For breakfast I had 2 servings of Instant Oatmeal, and for lunch I had a really big helping of tortellini. I also had my usual pot of coffee. Dinner was 3 Turkey Hot Dogs with whole wheat buns and some fries. (baked not fried)

For exercise: I rode it the group ride called Cycle To Fitness Wednesday Maybury Miles. We ride from the Cycle To Fitness Bike shop to Maybury State Park for two laps on the Mountain Bike Trails and then back to the shop. Tonight was a good ride that started in warm (90 degrees) weather and stayed warm most of the night. The ride finished in the dark. I ate fig newtons during the ride and consumed about 100 oz. of water. I just finished 40 oz. of post ride water.

It is late and time to go to bed. Good night.

He Said What?

This speaks for itself. Anyone who says the Bush haters (aka the Democrat Party) are working for the good of the country needs to explain this:

Accountability Day 1

Today I ate:

I ate 2 packs of instant oatmeal made with water for breakfast. Approximately 320 calories, 4g of fat, 64g of Carbs and 8g of protein.

I drank 10 – 6 oz cups of coffee.

For lunch I had a Ham Sandwich with pepper jack cheese and mustard on multi-grain bread.

I had a snack of a bag of Microwave Popcorn.

For Dinner: Waaaaay too much pasta with Olive Oil and seasoning, at least it was yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

I also had a small apple sauce for a snack.

For exercise, I played soccer in the parents versus the kids game for my daughter’s team.

Making Myself Accountable

Given my somewhat disappointing performance at the Bloomer Park XC race, I have decided that I need to make myself more accountable at least to myself for what goes into my body in order to improve my performance. If I am going to seriously complete in Mountain Bike Racing, I have to lose weight. It is impossible for me to be competitive, even in the Clydesdale class, at my current weight of around 240 pounds. It is not too embarrassing to talk about this since no one reads my blog anyway, but I intend to write a daily update that will include what I ate and any workout I did. If I make it to a scale, I will also include my weight.

How I Save Money On My Telephone Bill And Still Use My Phone

Not Made Of Money ร‚ยป How We Save Money On Our Telephone Bills

I saw this article and initially thought it might be helpful, but it really only helps if you don’t use your phone a lot. Here are my tips that will save you significant money if you really use your phone.

  1. If you have broadband, you must use either a VoIP service like Vonage or Digital Phone Service from your cable provider. Both are significantly cheaper in terms of monthly charges and usage charges. In fact if you are only calling the U.S. and Canada there typically are no usage charges.
  2. If you are single and/or don’t have children, consider dropping the home phone altogether. Why not have all of phone calls in one place and the cost of the home phone may more than cover the additional cellular minutes.
  3. Take advantage of the free cell phone times. For Verizion that is from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am Monday through Thursday and 9:00 pm Friday to 6:00 am Monday Morning. My mom uses her cell phone from the Eastern Time Zone to call a friend who lives in the Mountain Time Zone. She places the call at 9:00 pm and her friend gets the call at 7:00 pm Mountain.
  4. Take advantage of in-network calling. Don’t call friends/family on the same cell network with your home phone, use your cell phone (saving them money) and ask them to do the same.
  5. Get the minimum sized cell phone package to cover your typical month of calls. If you have an extraordinary month of calls, you may (depending on the provider) be able to bump your plan up prior to the end of the billing cycle and back down for the next month. Be careful, Providers will typically only backdate requests to bump up minutes not down.
  6. Get a number through a service like Grand Central. This can save you money by giving people 1 number to call you but allowing you a choice of how to answer it. For example, my Grand Central number rings my cell phone and my Home Office phone. If I am home, I answer the home office phone because it is no cost to me. If I am away, I look at the Caller ID to determine if it is a call I need to take. This is effective because people do not have to anticipate when you are home or when you are out and call the appropriate number, saving the number of times they call your cell phone when you are at home. IMPORTANT: This tip does not apply to the friends and family on the same cellular network.

My phones are used heavily as I am working from home and have 2 home lines as well as 3 cell lines. My cell phone usage is nearly 2000 minutes per month and the home phone usage is similar.

Bloomer Park XC Race Report

It’s been a while since I wrote anything my training, so I guess it is time to catch up. I did two new things since the last time I wrote. The first was a group ride called Wednesday Maybury Miles from Cycle To Fitness. This ride started at about 6:00 pm and went from the bike shop in Livonia to Maybury State Park for 2 laps around the Mountain Bike Trails at Maybury and back. We met a few people at the trailhead who rode the trails with us. Only 3 of us did the whole ride, Daniel and Tracy. We maintained a pretty good pace on the roads, however there was a pretty wide gap between us on the trails. We did the first lap at our own pace and I am not sure how long Daniel had to wait for me, but I am sure it was quite a while. Then we waited a little while longer for Tracy. Then we went back out for lap 2 at a “social” pace. I was able to stay with the group for about half a lap but was dropped on a new section of trail that was not quite mud, but uphill and pretty sticky. That is where I paid the price for my size. The ride home was pretty quick because it was almost all downhill and it was getting dark. We arrived back at the bike shop around 10:00 PM and had covered between 40 and 45 miles depending on which computer we chose to believe. I was using my Garmin Edge and it had us at 41.41 miles. I do get the sense that the GPS tends to “straighten the curves” and on a tight mountain bike trail loses some of the distance. You can see the GPS data here.

The second new thing was I raced yeterday in the Bloomer Park XC race. I had no expectation of being competitive, I just wanted to put in a long intense workout that is nearly impossible to do in a group ride or solo. Bloomer is a great course, because it has a bit of everything. Tough climbs, Technical switchbacks and fast flats. I raced last year with a bad head cold and ended up with a DNF so I intended to not do that this year. This year’s course was a bit different from the last two times I raced here. Nearly all the difficult sections were in the first half of each lap. The second half of the lap had the long fast flats and one big climb. It was nice knowing once the last tough section was complete, there was some time to recover before taking it on again. My wife came and took pictures this year. I have only glanced at a few and I may post them in a future post. I finished in about 2 hours and 12 minutes for about 18 miles. It was a good workout. Today, I am hoping I can get about an hour spin in to loosen up my legs.

The official results are in, I finished in 6th place in the Sport Clydesdale class with at time of 2:14:34.513.

The next race on my schedule will be either the Stony Creek XC Marathon on June 30th or the 12 Hours of Ithaca on July 21st, depending on my Vacation Schedule. I am quite excited about the 12 Hours of Ithaca because the trail is virtually flat which puts me a less of a disadvantage because of my weight.