The First Night Trail Ride

Last night I went riding with my friend Gary. We both got lights this year and last night was the first opportunity to try them out on a trail ride. We rode from downtown Northville to Maybury State Park and did a couple of laps on the Mountain Bike Trails. Although it wasn’t totally dark, it was dark enough for the lights to be necessary.

This is Gary lit by my lights. You see the sky above the trees so it wasn’t totally dark, but it was pretty dark in the woods.

This is the trail in my lights. The camera phone does not do justice to how well I could see using the lights.

You can see the stats for the ride here. My goal for this ride was to try and control my heart rate, however there are 2 hills in there that I either blow up my heart rate or walk. Since I was there with a friend, I chose not to walk.

This was a very fun thing to do. Riding the trail at night was a very different experience. The way everything looks with the only light source coming from my handlebars makes a trail I know very well, an entirely new experience. The woods were also very peaceful at night which is so nice in the Metro Detroit Area.