What Am I Thinking?

First it was a Triathlon, now I have signed up to race in the 12 Hours of Addison Oaks. Not as part of a team as a smart person would do, but solo. Not only solo, but self-supported. So this means I have to wake up early to get to the race venue in time to set up my pit, which I am hoping to use the back of my minivan for. Good location will be important, because space will be limited. I am also hoping for much better weather than last year. Last year the race was preceded by a four day monsoon which left the trail in an unusually poor condition for a race. This trail normally handles rain well, but four straight days was too much. Last year I rode in the 6 hour version and because of the weather and my preference for not destroying my bike I only rode about 4 hours total. My goal is to spend most of the race moving along the race course this year.

I have to find time to squeeze in a shopping trip to pick up enough food, sports drink and water to last for the 12 hours. I already have the spare parts I might need. I am going to have to be very organized for race day, which is not something I am accustomed to. I also have to remember the advil because if I recall correctly, at about hour 4 the legs are going to hurt.

I am going for a night trail ride tonight to make sure I have the lights dialed in. I have the option of Helmet mount or Handlebar mount and I hope to try them both. I know, it is kinda dumb to try something like that out this close to the race, but I have to deal with what life gives me.

I will be posting a race report Sunday or Monday, depending on how effective the Advil is.