Ways To Have People Leave Your Church….

This is another one of my favorite Pastor Blogs. This is a great example of a Pastor who gets it. I like his humor and grasp of reality. The example in the article below is how a Pastor who is totally invested in his church takes people leaving his church.

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Grow – Let your church grow and people WILL leave. They will say things have changed, you’ve changed, it all about numbers, the pastor didn’t shake their hand, etc. Every time we grow, we lose people that have been here for a while. This is the hardest one for me personally. Because of the fact that those leaving have supported and bought into the vision for so long, I hate to see them leave when the vision is being fulfilled and the things we have dreamed together for so long are finally happening.

That is surprising but when you think about it, it makes sense. This would accurately describe people who want something until they actually get it. For some people it may be a choice to not be happy with what they have. For others it may be a need to have a goal and reaching a goal means it is time to move on to another goal.

Lead – I have learned that we are geared toward having authority issues. I could tell people the sky was blue and they would say it was red just because. Anytime you make a leadership decision like telling small groups what they are going to teach, changing the way preschool is set-up, etc. there are going to be people who buck up on you for no other reason then the fact that they don’t like to be led.

This one doesn’t apply simply to church now does it. 🙂 Anyone who has children faces this one head on daily. Heck, God has this issue with me. I’m always bucking his leadership decisions. 🙁